Sep 17, 2014

The Card Concept #19

Hey there...Welcome !! So glad you stopped in. We have another challenge today over at The Card Concept. It's a colour challenge.

Check it out:

I'm up for clean and graphic for this challenge. My definition of clean and graphic means bold but simple. So I pulled out my favourite pigment inks... the Memento Luxe. Their colour is always so vibrant, and intense. I also dug through my stash for a graphic stamp  (MFT.)

I started on the right hand side to stamp leaving a little white border to help pull the eye down ward. I added some enamel dots. I originally had the red dots on the yellow stamping and the yellow dots on the red stamping but with the boldness of the stamps it was just too much for the eye to take in. So I switched them.

Now this was actually my second card. Here is my first... It just wasn't as bold as I wanted it to be ; )

On this I used the same idea but the stamps are from Jane's Doodles. I like how this one turned out too. In fact, if you want a simple card to whip up, this is the best way to do it. Pick 3-4 colours and one stamp and go to town!

Be sure to stop by The Card Concept to check out all the inspiration and to play along! We love to see what you create!
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Sweet Stamp Shop Coffee Card

Hey there! Long time no post, eh?!  Well, my husband and I celebrated out 14th wedding anniversary this last weekend and had a lovely trip to celebrate. It first started out as a jaunt to Vietnam but wouldn't you know... they wouldn't let us into the country!!! So.... after an entire day of flying we finally landed in KL Malaysia and spent our anniversary weekend there. We got back on Sunday but its been a few days getting my feet under me, and now I am here!! I have missed you!! I made this card up last week when I was playing around with new stamps and wanted to share it with out.

How many of you have friends that are coffee lovers?? I have a little coffee gift card/card for you to try out. It's super easy. All you need in some stamps and a bit of time.

Here it is:

This is a new stamp from the September Release over at Sweet Stamp Shop. But take a gander on the inside:

I used a Paper Smooches die cut to make my little glassine card holder. I used some older stamp sets for the sentiment inside. They are from Sparkle and Shine and Just The Basics.

Here's a close up. I actually used their digi stamps to make this front cover and then fussy cut the coffee cup out and popped it up for dimension. I just used my coloured pencils and my pencil blender to shade my colours, with it darker on the bottom and fading lighter at the top of the letters. I also used some glitter embossing powder on the edge to add a little sparkle.

That's all for today. Did you have a great weekend? Hopefully this week is starting out right for you.
If you haven't already, check out the new release from last week. HERE

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Sep 11, 2014

Sweet Stamp Shop: Black Embossing

Hello Sweet Stamp Shop fans! Today marks another day of sweet stamping. Today I wanted to show you a little card that is all about embossing... On black card stock. thanks for joining me as I share some tips and tricks I learned along the way. Let's get started!

Here is my card:

My opinion on embossing and my first tip for you is to prep yourself! Embossing can move fast and it's always helpful to have your supplies at hand. I chose this sweet stamp set Kitty and dug through my collection of embossing powders to choose a few I liked. When I have a lot of colors to choose I like to do a varied "rainbow". As in, one color in the red family one in the blue family etc. This isn't necessary, especially if you want a more specific color palette, but it's usually a pretty good rule of thumb of you want a balanced color feel. So here are my supplies:

You want to start by prepping your card stock with an embossing buddie or anti static powder of some sort. I have his new one (to me) from EK Success. I've also used a bag filled with baking soda, it works pretty good too. My second tip is: Don't be shy! Get that powder on nice and thick because you can just wipe it off after and you would rather have the help now then have that powder everywhere (as I will show you soon)

Here is my first color... I stamped my image across the whole card being sure to not do it too much because I need to leave room for the other colors. I like to stamp in a loose set of 5 (like you would see on a game die) or 7. 

When you pour on your powder, don't go crazy. Just cover the sections you stamped and that will save you some headache.

Now with my blue powder, I had some fingerprints that took on some powder as you can see. No worries! You can just take a paintbrush and brush off the smudges. But just to be on the safe side, in between the colors you can put down some more anti static powder and be sure to wash your hands if needed! That's definitely something I need to do frequently. Sheesh, I can be so messy!

You can see my final card base all finished with being embossed! After you are done, you can take an eraser to the parts of the card that still have anti-static powder on it, if its not wiping off with your hand.

One of the other things I like to do is use this grid pad to stamp on. It gives my stamping a little extra cushion for a nice image but also I like to practice a bit before committing to a design. I stamped my kitty first with some milk and a dish and didn't like it, so when I stamped it on my cardstock I changed the configuration. But then I still didn't like it in the end and fussy cut everything instead. So you know, while I ended up with somethig totally different, prestamping did help flush out the design as I created. This has really saved me from hating cards when I am done!

I decided I wanted to mat my kitty image with a matching cardstock color but I didn't have anything I really liked. So I decided to make my own! I swiped my VersaMark ink pad along the edges of my white cardstock mat and dumped my powder color of choice on it.

And Voila! I heat set it to a nice blue color which will match my card base. In full disclosure I actually tried green first and didn't like it so just put some blue over it. Not too difficult! And in the lower right hand corner you can see where it got messed a bit. I just swiped the VersaMark again and re-embossed. Easy! And it gives a nice glossy shiney detail too.

One last embossing detail. I have these enamel dots, that I am sure you all have sitting in your stash. Do you ever design and find you don't have the color of dots you want? Because let's be honest, those things ain't cheap, at least not here in Singapore. So I just cut the plastic my dot was on and dipped that in the VesaMark and then the powder I wanted. And done! Now I have my own custom colored enamel dot and I didn't even have to go to the store to get it. I love that!

Ok, then all that's left is to assemble my card. I colored my kitty with Copics, stamped and hand cut my banner and popped it all up on dimensionals

All done! What do you think about today's project? Have you done a lot of embossing before? I would love to hear how you like to do it. Drop me a comment or ask any questions you may have. Embossing was a bit intimidating to me at first but the more I practiced the better it got and now I can't imagine NOT embossing at least once on a card. It's funny how that works.

Be sure to stop over at the Sweet Stamp Shop to see the new release from this week. And the DT are running a contest... the designer to have the most mentions from orders made win something sweet! So I am passing that on to you... If you place an order, be sure to mention my name in your order commetns and then come back to my ORIGINAL Sweet Release post and leave me a comment. If I win, YOU win! I will send you a sweet package in the mail all the way from Singapore. You have until Friday to get your purchases in for a chance for us both to win, so head on over!

Thanks for joining me and I hope you have a SWEET day!


Sep 10, 2014 Fall Card and a discount!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping in. Today I'm over at for a little fall creation.

You can take a little gander:

Head on over for a full tutorial! ALSO...This month don't forget to take advantage of their discounts! Check out the sale for black card stock AND all gold, orange and brown card stocks as well. They have an amazing array of styles, textures and paper weight that I am sure you will love. They are perfect for all your fall projects I KNOW you have been listing in your head. (Come on... admit it now ; )  In fact I would love to hear what you have on that list. What's very first?
I'm already dreaming up a fall bunting and little details for my Thanksgiving table!

This is my favourite time of year and when I lived in NY it was heaven! I remember the amazing array of leaves that adorned our trees in the back of our house. Sometimes I would trade our year round pool just to crunch through those leaves one more time!

Ok.. enough reminiscing, I can almost smell the leaves and feel the crisp breeze on my cheeks. Aaaaahhh! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Sep 9, 2014

Sweet Stamp Shop September Release Day!

Hey there crafty peeps! Today marks the day of the newest released stamps coming from the amazing Nicole Rixon over at the Sweet Stamp Shop. And I am feeling so lucky to be apart of it all!

ETA: When you hop over to the Sweet Stamp Shop and place an order, be sure to mention my name in the order comments. At the end of the week, the designer with the most orders wins a crafty prize! But this is not all about me people... If I win, YOU win! Mention me in their order comments and then leave me a comment HERE, and I will put you in the running for winning a crafty package from little ol' me! We have until friday to win together! So get shopping!

I whipped up a few things to celebrate the day:

I Copic coloured and fussy cut my little shop houses which are from a few different sets being released today:

Even though these are from different sets, they all work so well together, don't you think?! This is one of the things I love about Sweet Stamp Shop stamp sets. Versatility!
And, I have a lot of stamps in my arsenal and there are so many big sets with these little bits and bobs that I never use. But not Nicole's designs.... I love the sizes of these sets. They are smaller but every bit is usable, and everything packs a big design punch, ya know?! That's just pure genius in my mind!

I wanted my houses to be dimensional but not all the same height and since my foam dots seem to lack in 'height variety' I decided to layer this Meat Market with just a few pieces of card stock. It made it dimensional but not as tall as the other shops.

When drawing my outline I used my T-ruler and a white gel pen from This Uniball Signo white pen writes like a dream! I will NEVER go back to the other gel pen I was using. I was always so mad at that thing. Shaking it and banging it on my desk like a wild chimpanzee!

This lets the ink out nice and smoooooth like. But one thing to consider when you are doing this, remember to wipe off your ruler after each pass. Otherwise when you move your ruler around it will smear smear smear the ink like bad mascara after a good cry.

Ok, so here is my final card! Lots of fun shop houses to colour. Or as they say here in Singpore 'shop-shops'. Not to be confused with just regular shops ;)  I loved colouring these little babies, so I opted for a black card base to help make that colour pop.

And just one more little project to share. I coloured and fussy cut a lot of the little images in these sets to create a set of 6 cards.  I created a circle mask with my Spellbinder die cuts. I laid a few of the images inside the mask to be sure of the spacing. And actually I thought this one was too small so I went one size bigger.

After securing the mask, I inked up my card bases with Distress Inks. I opted for 2 similar colours for each card. I wanted to give the colour more dimension and coverage. These cards measure 4.5 x 4.25.

So then after that, it was just a matter of colouring and cutting my little images and popping them up on the card base. This one features a sentiment from an older set: Just the Basics.

Here's just a few single shots of certain cards. I used some coloured pencils for some, but I do wish I would have just stuck with Copics for all of them. In fact, now that I realise that's what I did, I am so confused about my reasoning! Why did I decide to do that? Hmm... Just doesn't look as nice with that bold background, right? I added some Wink of Stella to this too, but you can't see it :(

I think this guy is my favourite. Every time I hear Bon Appetit, I say it 'bon appe-teezer' with a nice funny accent. And I have no idea why. This guy seems like he says it that way too...Maybe it's the moustache?

And here are all the cards together! Fun ya?

Ok... so what do you think of the new release? Have you checked them all out? Which one is your favourite? I would love to hear! Be sure to check out the Sweet Stamp Shop blog and all the other DT members creations. There is a boat-load of inspiration out there and cute stamps to be used! As well as the Sweet Stamp Shop for all your stamp needs. And I tell ya, after today's release, I think that need is huge!

Thanks for stopping by today.
Happy shopping = Happy crafting!


Sep 8, 2014

Sending U Happy Thoughts: Watercolor Resist

Happy Monday! Today is just a quick card featuring a water-colour resist using rubber cement. Really easy and fun! I was just testing out the technique and thought I would share one photo.  Honestly, I took a bunch of photos but only this one with a blue background was the best. And I would retake photos and post but my kids are out of school all this week and I can't really stop in for more than a moment or two or there is complete kid mayhem!

So that's my Tip #1 for you today (about photography not kid mayhem ;)... always take pictures with a background that will help your photo pop! Blue and orange are complementary so that is why I paired these two, and why it looks good. I took a bunch of photos with a yellow background and it just muted everything so it wasn't as nice to look at. Blech!

Ok.. here's what I did... take your rubber cement and make your image. I made a big U on my water-colour paper. Then wait for it to dry. And I mean, REALLY! I know how antsy you will get, but you just gotta wait this one out folks!  Then water-colour your paper, any colours you choose. Again, wait for it to dry! Then rub off the rubber cement and Voila! You have your image revealed and the water-colour resisted. I added an addition stamp sentiment from Wplus9. Now I know this may not read the way I want it to, but its supposed to say "Sending U Happy Thoughts." Does it? I hope so.

I added some glossy accent drops to finish it off. Rounded my corners and put it on a card base. Again, let those glossy-s dry! You can see where I ruined a drop by stacking it with other cards before it was fully dry. Oops. So that's Tip #2 for you today. Drying time is painful but OH so necessary. For rubber cement, paint, glossy accents and even your nails. Get used to trying your patience!

Don't forget this week is the Sweet Stamp Shop New Release! So be sure to come back here tomorrow for some Sweet inspiration and stop by their blog to see the amazing new sets! (I believe there will be 5 for you to enjoy!)

Also this week I'm over at for my first card project They have some discounts running right now for fall coloured card stock to help you with all your fall projects. So be sure to check it out!

Thanks for stopping in and spending a moment with me. I know time is precious!
What are you up to this week? I hope there is some craftiness in your future. 

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Sep 5, 2014

Paper Wings Productions Sept. Blog Hop

Well, Happy Friday to you all! Today is the first Friday of the month which means, it's Paper Wings Productions Blog Hop time!  If you are stopping in from Katie's blog, then you are in the right place!
If you are just stopping in today to say 'Hey!' and would like to start at the beginning, scroll down to the complete list and click away! (and Thanks for your visit!)

This month's blog hop theme is: Purple

It's funny because when I was young, purple was my favourite colour and then I didn't like it for many many, many years. But I have noticed I have been using it a lot lately! So I guess its like I am a kid again.

Don't forget you are hopping along to check out the inspiration AND to win a $25.00 gift certificate to the Paper Wings Productions online store! Woot!

For a chance to win, all you need to do is:
  • be a follower of the Paper Wings Productions blog, The Aviary
  • visit each of the participating designer's blogs and leave a comment
  • go back to the Paper Wings blog to leave us a comment telling us you completed the hop.
To increase your chances of winning you can like our Facebook page and or invite your friends to the hop! Be sure you leave a separate comment for each of your additional entries. The winners will be announce Tuesday Sept. 9th, 2014 on The Aviary.

Ok.. now that the details have been covered, here is my card for the hop:

First I took a purple piece of card stock and ran my purple/blue shades of Gelatos over it. I think there are three or four colours in there.

Then I used the background stamp from Paris Clear stamp set and some white ink to finish my background. I stamped it on the diagonal to add a little more interest since the Gelatos are running on the horizontal line. Kind of gives it some more dimension or something like that. It's one of those things that I don't know why its better, it just seems that way to me, so I did it ;)

Then I took my circle die cuts and took some parts out of my panel:

After that I folded my lighter purple card base and ran it through with an embossing folder, using a diffusion for the last circle so the lines wouldn't show up over my sentiment. The sentiment is from Vintage Technology:

And that's it! Thanks so much for visiting. Be sure to hop on to your next stop! Which should be The Aviary.

Thanks for hopping with us today!

(And if perchance you are lost, here is a list of the complete line up:)

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